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I'm very excited with mut coins

  • March 13

    I am one of the rare varieties that strictly follow the franchise model and the fantasy draft to play Madden . It's been done for 20 years. After building a team and playing five games last night, I noticed the following:

    -The franchise model is very similar, but the difference is that managers are now warned before the game how confident they are about the upcoming team and its superstars. You can now choose between conservative, neutral and radical performance, which is very cool. The more positive you choose, the more XP you can get, but the harder the goal of the game.

    -Like those good rookies who don't have developmental characteristics until they play 500 snapshots. Cool features! I also received a rookie message that he wanted to be great and asked if I could get him more involved in the attack. I agreed and often gave him the ball early. He made 10000 XP, and the hidden growth changed from normal to star! I absolutely like this feature.

    -Having a veterinarian on your team will greatly help you. They now coach young players and therefore improve their scores. What a reality and great function.

    -Don't like Madden beating and swindlers. It's totally unrealistic, remember, we're playing all the craziness and simulation modes. A max game should not fail more than 1-2 times, and all the Madden default settings still allow me to fight anyone I want with the guy I like in every game. I will definitely adjust the slider. Maybe I need to protect the ball more often. If that's the case, then because of its fidelity, the game may grow on me, and every time I have a conflict with a defender, I just need to hold RB.

    All in all, I'm very excited and like MUT Coins very much. Good luck!

    Three star challenge in the MUT

    Another key mut skill to complete. Now that you're no longer intimidated by challenges, take a step further and jump to the "big" challenge as soon as possible. If you've played mut before, you'll know that the challenge starts with a simple process: "run 10 yards", "complete two passes", "score from the goal line". Many challenges have three levels of difficulty, but because the goal is so simple, you can save time and get rewards faster by shortening the boundaries and choosing a three-star challenge immediately - rather than simply hitting the same challenge, then hitting the middle, then hard. In the end, they will become more difficult to use to a reasonable extent, but you can play "hard" content for hours before most Madden 20 players agree to the title. You can also obtain mut coins in the game.

    Idle talk

    In the past few years, a good way to get back to the game when losing (or infuriating an opponent online) is to master your voice and use the rush attack to save time by skipping the play screen. This shortcut still works, but you need to use it more carefully because the clock now takes into account the time it takes for players to get back to real life. To complete a long pass low field, you can hold the triangle (on the PS4) to jump over the obstacle, but lose 10-15 seconds when everyone returns to the line. In the last minute, those lost seconds are crucial - so don't forget to cross the line and stop timing as much as possible.