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In the future bosses who have more difficult bosses are likely add a variety of bosses in the Dung style. They will have nothing to lose. Although some will be less successful than others (Lexicus is one that comes to my mind) I believe that changing the methods used to kill bosses is a great way to create more interesting boss fights. Jagex and the dangers of A Half-Assed Wildy In light of the recent controversy over the revival of the wild, I'll take a more indepth look into what it would actually mean to the game, how the new mechanics over the last few years would be in conflict with what we refer to as "the wildy" and the issues that this creates. First, let's talk about the boundaries of wilderness. There was never a safe zone prior to 2007. This wilderness design is one of the fundamentals, and it also includes safe zones. While you may argue that these should stay, they interfere with the flow of currently PvP fights. They encourage players to move into safe areas, and focus on fighting within the area. This makes it impossible to protect the lawless area. Another issue is that The current activities that occur in the wilderness aren't allowed. What impact could this affect them? Personally, I would move all the minigames (Clan Wars FOG Sealing off Deamonhiem, Defender of Varrock, and Sealing off Deamonhiem) However, the 3 quests make it very difficult. Defender of Varrock and Summer quests both contain large wilderness areas. My opinion is that the best solution would be to instill the entire quest. What does this mean? As soon as you meet the point of beginning your quest or go into the wilderness as part of he defense of varrack tale, you're on your own, there is no interaction with other players. This would change the quest little, but it shouldn't affect it in any way. If you want to know more information about OSRS Gold , please lock on RSorder.com https://www.rsorder.com/